English Translation: V.Vijaya Kumar Telugu Original : “Dukhapu Minnagu” by

Dr K.Geeta

A viper lurking beneath life
Unaware whenever it wakes up
Nor slithers away no one knows
Yet when it blows out
It spews out
The remnant hushed up woes

Though slept under its hood
Every night
As if unknown anything
It meditates left
Beneath throat
Wounds round in
Veins and arteries
Waits for its Day
Yama should descend
Stop the wild dance
Once it regurgitates
Of its blood stream
It’s said
One must renounce
Earthly Pleasures
To shield from it’s assault
The real Destroyer
To those deeds and dreams
Hopes and Goals
Is Distress
A malicious fanged viper
Ready to knock down
The affluent life
For sport
One should be hosted
And Hugged until last breath
To escape from it’s vicious fangs
Though it spurts venomous flirts


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