Tempest of time (poems)

-Kondapalli Niharini

Translated by Elanaaga

11. Corona, We Aren’t Afraid!

We wage war individually,
and fight the same single battle.
We lie in wait separately.
You are a microbial bomb,
not an atomic one!
So why do we fear you?
We won’t tie you
to stop you from touching us.
We will break your fetters;
isolating ourselves, we’ll chase you.
Corona, we’re not afraid of you.
We would fight.

We won’t allow your play to continue,
for the government’s slogans, urge,
and the intelligence of luminaries is ours.

Staying at home, we’ll create our own world;
will further unite ourselves with family.
Will alienate ourselves from you

Will explain to others
the real meaning of cleanliness.
Will write stories, sing songs to explain
your beastliness to posterity.

Corona, we’re not afraid of you.
We will fight and trounce you.

(Recited in the Kavisammelanorganized by InampudiSrilakshmi on internet)


(To be continued-)

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