Bhagiratha’s Bounty and Other poems-2

English Translation: T.S. Chandra Mouli

Telugu Original : Kandukuri Sreeramulu



Who is majestic?
Is poet prominent
or ocean omnipotent?
Facing a great poet an expansive ocean extends.

King of syllables – poet
Lord of waves- Ocean.

A tree is ocean
a crop too
a hill as well
spirit of man also
entire globe surrounded by ocean.

Poet is an arrow
life also
saw as well
earth quake too
complete world he commands!

Tiger in cage-ocean
lion in forest- poet
turbulence, toil-ocean
thought, creativity-poet

Ignoring a poet sea inundates
he sculpts sea in syllables of gold.

Lifting the flow from nadir
pampering and flattering
provides blissful splendour—

Useless water even to spit
transforms into ocean of milk
as he expounds animatedly, ardently
drawing magnificent Manna.

Poet, an endeavour
poet an experiment!

It is said ocean is daredevil droplet
none said it is packed perfume of love.

It is mentioned as salt or tsunami
but not a star or pole star
it is said to be slayer of mankind
but not a saviour of food for famished.

In the patio of waves of gales
and their resonance—ocean,
in the front yard of people’s art,
agitations of emotional dawn-poet.

Ocean- a demon, devil, destroyer
poet-egoistic, eternal, ever green hero.

Poet’s pen- tiny though
carries power of sword in hand.
two letters
stressed syllable
yet he is
unstressed master of ocean
solar flower
supreme power!


(To be continued-)

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