Tempest of time (poems)

-Kondapalli Niharini

Translated by Elanaaga

10. Bell of Virtue

In the flux of a scene where silence overflows,
render your brain formless a bit.
Meanwhile, it is not just your dreams,
but heart’s burden that is emptied.

In the darkness where fireflies emit light,
inordinate sound brooks keep flowing.
Many are they.
To fill this heart with clean culture,
I want to discover or search,
but unable I am
to wander over the entire horizon.
Only your creativity, discipline are yours
when you give the seat to many in your heart coach.
The tracks are not strong enough though.
Stop having doubts about
whether your labour, your suave talk,
your affected stream are for living or dying.
Don’t imagine something as yours
and not others; do not alienate.
The value of tears mingles in the sea.
Wander like a perennial river in your land
with brooks of syllables, songs, wisdom.
Who wants the reasons for the fall ofefforts
in the frame ofcrime and punishment?
All the windows are covered
by darkness; are chewing the void.
When the walk of hopes on sliced clouds
has become the blackness of retinas,
say to yourself, “I am one; let me become many.”
Ingest all the philosophy of life;
you alone will be present everywhere.
Honesty as the central point,
the world’s welfare as an ocean,
the faith boat would cruise on the sea of heart.
It would be a treat to the eye.
Ink would keep walking;
cupid’s fingers would dance
on the keys of words.
Emitting a new scent, dabbing
the freshness of variegated leaves,

flower bunches wouldemanate beauty.
In it is the sweetness of oneness.
Listen once, it’s unforgettable!
There would be no danger signals
of losing yourself in the incessant doubts
and unending conversations.
Be the sweetness of resurrection.
Lo, the bell of virtue is ringing.
You are the king and soldier
for your empire of individuality!


(To be continued-)

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