Neem tree murder

           -Kandepi Rani Prasad


Gives a flower to every Ugadi
Neem tree of my house was cut down
In time to brush your teeth in the morning
Bending the branches improves health

Subhakrit Ugadi gave me agony
They killed my golden neem tree
Cut into pieces with a saw
Break the branches and shoots with an ax

Who should I go to for flowers?
When he wakes up, he washes the branches and touches me
Can I forget the leaves of my mother’s tree?
Can you give me the happiness of Ugadi?

Swallows, gophers, myna and quail are many and many.
Bees have also built nests
The thondas and monkey legs are questioning me
Homeless or homeless is our situation

I was rooted in the ground without leaving me
However, the JCB pulled it out and threw it out.
I don’t feel sorry for them even a little bit
He was killed because he got tangled in the current wires.

Telugu is heard well in meetings
Telugu is flourishing in foreign countries
There is a dearth of Telugu in the village


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