Bhagiratha’s Bounty and Other poems-17

English Translation: T.S. Chandra Mouli

Telugu Original : Kandukuri Sreeramulu 

17. Expansive Sheet of Water

Stands undressed before me–
I too am likewise–
whether I adore
or amalgamate
but taste honey of experience.

Just as the entire forest turns into a tree
like disc of sun extending across the sky
as viewing the world with third eye
form of the shape of sky
like quicksilver that cannot be contained
akin to top leader staying unchanged, despite passage of ages
it’s like an amazing steed
that races away, tricking as if within reach.

If one steps in it tosses up
if avoided inundates,
I am just speck of an atom
but it spans expansive globe;
as it attempts to shake hands
with its whole being becoming arms
to receive
not only my two hands
all arms of organisms on earth
are just inadequate!


(To be continued-)

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