Bhagiratha’s Bounty and Other poems-22

English Translation: T.S. Chandra Mouli

Telugu Original : Kandukuri Sreeramulu 

22.My Man

Green shoots sprout on earth
rain dances down from sky
sprouts never look at heavens
drops of rain reach not earth.

East and west never meet
not known why friends turn into foes
for feuding groups in legislature
nothing known of events on ground
know not how common man lives.

For more than a week no potable water—
thanks to low pressure
a few patches of clouds
rained on roof top,
dripping drops were collected
and filtered for drinking—
such instances not known to the state.

Suicides of farmers
natural deaths of women
though occurs in every quarter

not known how to deal with them.
Regularly people die
those alive celebrate life
with banquets in Viceroy Gardens.

‘Palle Baata’ replaces ‘Janma Bhoomi’
can one make a road
national highway?
Can a village be converted
into a five star hotel?

Rain drop…rain drops
every drop knows political betrayal
these carry colour, taste, smell,
these do not descend from clouds
drip from political intelligentsia,
drops that moisten not a ‘gongadi’
nor touch a poor man’s loincloth.

Rain that trickles from clouds
is amazing
if a few drops reach earth
entire body shudders with joy
earth too responds ecstatically,
when sprinkled from sky
these drops carry fragrance.

Real drops lie not
dance on reaching cross roads
hide themselves in basement cellars.
In a cruel state nectar drops offered—
why bother
whether they are from low pressure
or monsoon showers?
They are our friends in need!
Whoever helps us survive
mother, father, friend or well-wisher
he is real companion,
ocean of compassion!


(To be continued-)

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