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Behind The Scenes Of  “Time” Machines


I am a daydreamer with many dreams. Ever since I was little all I wanted to do is stop time. 

I know it’s impossible, but for me, clicking a photo is like freezing the moment. Maybe a camera is like a time machine. I love clicking pictures of everything I see. It really doesn’t matter what my picture looks like. All that matters is the story behind it. This is what turned me into a writer.

There are millions of amateur photographers who click photos and become writers to explain the concept behind the pictures. Photography skills are acquired by our own. We can’t get great photos by sitting in our comfort zone. We create a new world with our work. Our passion and curiosity never refuse to settle. And yes – If someone calls us photographers, we are proud of it. 



Pride of Kondapalli

Kondapalli is a land of unique artwork. Within every block of wood there dwells a spirit waiting to be released. It is where material ends and art begins. The toys are made from soft wood by hand, not the machines that run through electricity or battery.

         The people who make wooden toys are known as Aryakhastriyas. They make toys with the wood named Tella Poniki which are found in the Kondapalli hills. They colour them with vegetable dye. The specialty here is that they work on figures based on mythology, animals, birds, rural life etc…They never replaced their way of making wooden toys with their hands.


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  1. Thank you for valuable information & I wish u have a better future 😊 #Even I’m also nature lover. I’m looking to go & visit kondapalli Hills

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