English Translation: V.Vijaya Kumar

Telugu Original : Dr K.Geeta

I loved him deeply

I wove my dreams around him

I built house at his yard

Grew plants

He never asked me

Where had I been!

I learned his language

I mingled in his culture

Bathukamma bathukamma uyyalo-

Nee bidda peremi uyyalo-

When I stressed the words

He wandered around me with smiles

He glanced at me whatever I did tilting his head

How many tasty Dishes!

Bakshalu, Murukulu-

Jowar bread,Garlic powder, 

Goat head and feet meat soup

Thorny pricking Winters

Scare rainless Soils

He gave me children lovable more than himself

I made them learn everything myself

Lessons and songs and runs

My children-

Though stole in Cornfield

Beaten the plum fruit plants till broken

Brought the best chosen cashew fruits

Filled those school bags with Custard apples 

He saw in them only abundant love upon me

His hug made me forget the agony of aloof where I born

His smile made me to feel this is my birth house

I could hardly remind what happened oneday

He stormed home and broke my car windshields

Warned me to vacate his region at once

Staged Dharnas to get away from him with children

Only his reason for revenge and hatred is

I born somewhere

He born somewhere

My region- His region-

Why I could leave him

And what I should do with this love

I couldn’t understand

My home at his premises is now unlawful-

My plants no more virtuous now-

Servant Maid ‘bid farewell’ seeing off me and my home

Auto driver not stopped and gone-

Shooting of hatred looks from every threshold

Colonies filled with regional disparities

They said I came and looted him

They said I usurped his job opportunities

They warned me not coming back 

As if crossed the borders on festivals

Why I should go

Getting all the bag and baggage

Seeking transfer beyond the border

I couldn’t understand

I loved him deeply

I sympathize his regional feelings

But except tossing me out-


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